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FILMARINE, the Filipino Mariners’ Survey and Certification Service, Inc. is a Filipino corporation duly organized to help promote maritime safety, security, and environmental protection in the country by making available quality professional survey, inspection and certification services, that are attuned to the advancements in maritime technology and the requirements of regulatory agencies.

Founded on December 14, 1998, FILMARINE sees itself, in five years time and onwards, as an organization chosen to assist government maritime safety, security and regulatory agencies in the conduct of survey, inspection, or assessments of ships, fishing vessels, other watercrafts and port facilities under the purview of a “recognized organization” or “recognized security organization”, in accordance with the pertinent provisions of SOLAS/ISPS Code and MARPOL Conventions of the IMO as the case maybe. Similarly, FILMARINE also sees itself as an organization preferred by shipowners, marine insurers, classification societies, financial institutions, other private entities, and investigative bodies in the conduct of various forms of ship survey and inspection catered to their respective requirements.


As MARPOL Surveyor under IMO MARPOL '73 / '78

FILMARINE is accredited by the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), since February 24,1999 as an authorized MARPOL Surveyor in the conduct of surveys required by MARPOL '73/'78 and its Annexes, and in the preparation of Record of Construction and Equipment for the issuance of International/National Oil Pollution Prevention Certificates (OPPC) to Philippine-registered ships and assist shipowners in the formulation of their vessel's Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP). Philippine maritime regulations require that all tankers of 150 gross tons and above and non-tankers of 400 gross tons and above engaged in international or domestic trade must comply with this OPPC requirement. 

Since then, FILMARINE has risen to become one of the leading MARPOL Surveyors in the country with a combined total of 785 Philippine-registered vessels composed of 189 tankers and 596 non-tankers surveyed and certificated to date.  This represents a combined total tonnage of almost 1.2 million gross tons comprising of oil tankers, passenger/cargo vessels, fish carriers, training ships, and diving vessels. Its clientele is anticipated to steadily grow in the coming years as the shipping industry becomes more and more aware of FILMARINE’s flexibility, affordability and quality of service, especially when ranged against the more expensive foreign companies of similar service. Already, the country’s prominent shipping companies have already trusted FILMARINE for the pollution prevention survey of their vessels. Among its top clients are:

  • 2GO Group of Companies
  • Aleson Shipping Lines, Inc.
  • AMOSUP/NAESS Shipping
  • Asian Shipping Corp.
  • Frabelle Fishing Corp.
  • Herma Shipping & Transport Corp.
  • Lite Shipping Corp.
  • SMC Shipping & Lighterage Corp.
  • Solid Shipping Lines, Inc.
  • Starlite Ferry, Inc.
  • Magsaysay Group of Companies
  • Montenegro Shipping Lines, Inc;
  • Ocean Tankers Inc.
  • Oceanic Container Lines, Inc.
  • Philippine Span Asia Carrier Corp.
  • RD Tuna Ventures, Inc.
  • Roble Shipping Lines, Inc.
  • Taganito Mining Corp.
  • Translift Ship Management Inc.
  • Trans-Pacific Journey Fishing Corp.

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As a Recognized Security Organization (RSO) under ISPS Code

In July of 2004, with the coming into force of IMO’s International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code, FILMARINE has been among the first to be accredited by the Office for Transportation Security (OTS) of the DOTC as a Recognized Security Organization (RSO) authorized to perform certain security functions of the “Administration and Designated Authority” under the purview of the ISPS Code such as to carry out security assessments and develop security plans for Philippine ships and ports, verify or audit the implementation of ship/port facility security plans, approve ship security plans and issue International Ship Security Certificate (ISSC) to Philippine-flag vessels in international trade, and conduct or assist in the conduct of maritime security or ISPS-related training courses.

With the added recognition, FILMARINE became one of the pioneering RSO’s to offer the requisite ship/port facility security assessments, on-scene security surveys and the development of the corresponding security plans to shipowners and port authorities in compliance with the ISPS Code. 

Since its initial accreditation, FILMARINE has successfully serviced the following companies with their ISPS compliance process:

  • Harbour Centre Port Terminal Inc. (2004)
  • Sulpicio Lines Inc. (ships) (2004)
  • Sulpicio Lines Inc. (terminal) (2005)
  • Hoya Marine Corporation of Subic (2005)
  • Sea Kena Carriers, Inc. (2005)
  • OSM Ship Management Phils. Inc. (2006)
  • Bunkers Manila Inc. (2006)
  • Marinelink Services, Inc. (2007)
  • Goldmark Sea Carrier, Inc. (2007)
  • Watermark Int’l Shipping Lines (2007, 2010)
  • IDHI Ports and Services, Inc. (2008)
  • Gruppo Int’l Mining Corp. (2010)
  • Asian Terminals Inc., Manila (2012)
  • Asian Terminals Inc., Batangas (2012)

To address the training requirement of security officers at the time of ISPS implementation in 2004, the DOTC partnered with FILMARINE in the conduct of the first-ever Port Facility Security Officers’ Course in Cebu City covering the ports in the Visayan Region. The more than fifty (50) graduates of this DOTC-FILMARINE training course became the first qualified PFSO’s of the country in the post-ISPS era. From here, FILMARINE went on to include ISPS Awareness Training of personnel in every company that engages its services as RSO.

As a testament of its security capability, FILMARINE was contracted by the DOTC to provide comprehensive security services to the 2-day Manila Policy Dialogue on Environment and Transport which DOTC hosted jointly with Japan’s Ministry of Environment on 16-17 January 2004 at the Dusit Hotel Nikko in Makati City. Adding feather to its cap, FILMARINE has successfully secured the holding of this international conference including the protection of the 60 foreign delegates from 15 countries who attended.

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Among the first to be ISO-Certified

In pursuance of its goal to become at par with its international counterparts, to ensure the organizations that accredited it like the PCG and the OTS-DOTC of its commitment to quality management, and to provide its loyal clientele the quality service worthy of their trust, FILMARINE has successfully hurdled the stringent requirements for ISO certification under the Anglo Japanese American (AJA) Registrars and UKAS Quality Management certifying body of UK. On June 22, 2009, FILMARINE became a legitimate ISO-Certified company with ISO Certificate Nr. AJA09/13694 registered against the provisions of ISO 9000:2008. On July 26, 2011, FILMARINE again passed the ISO assessment and its Quality Management System was upgraded and certified to ISO 9001:2008 under ISO Certificate Nr. 22Q13073 issued by Global Certification Limited of UK. This milestone, which was not easy to accomplish, puts FILMARINE in the exclusive company of select ISO certified companies in the surveying business in the country today.

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At the nucleus of FILMARINE is a dedicated group of marine professionals composed of:

  • Former Coast Guard Commander Ronilo Hermes A. Bacolod MSc. MSA, founding president, who provides overall leadership, direction and expertise in Maritime Administration, Maritime Security, Naval Intelligence and Operations, and Military Tactics and Doctrines;
  • Certified Master Antiterrorist Specialist (CMAS) Christopher G. Helder, Chief of the Maritime Security Division, serves as the company’s security expert with extensive professional experience in anti-terrorist training, executive protection, and critical infrastructure security;
  • Former submariner Ron F. Altman, electronic security specialist who provides extensive knowledge in electronic surveillance and detection, and applications of electronic and radio-communications technology for security enhancement. 

With the end in view of providing its clients with prompt quality service in any part of the country without potential delay and added cost of transporting surveyors to the places of survey, FILMARINE maintains a pool of qualified and trained surveyors in Metro-Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, Davao and Zamboanga City who are always ready to perform the required surveying work within their geographical jurisdictions


FILMARINE today offers shipowners and port operators with quality, affordable and professional solution to their survey and certification requirements. Guided by our motto “Proper Survey, Safe Journey”, our surveys and certificates fully abide by the procedures, standards, and requirements set forth in relevant international and IMO conventions; national laws, rules and regulations; and memorandum circulars currently in effect. Being a local entity, FILMARINE has the added versatility in understanding and responding properly to the ship and port owners' peculiar situation, requirements, and terms and conditions, giving due regard to their operational priorities – all at a friendly peso-denominated price.


FILMARINE may be reached through its Operations Office at Unit -705, Sunset View Towers, 2230 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, Philippines with tel/fax numbers (632) 833-3277, 511-1101, mobile number (63)9176309213, or through its email address: info@filmarine.com.ph, and the FILMARINE website www.filmarine.com.ph.

The FILMARINE website also provides other data and information such as a listing of vessels in FILMARINE’s Survey Registry, as well as survey request forms, among others.

Go FILMARINE – for “Proper Survey, Safe Journey”.